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GeForce 9600 GT/GTS 250/GTX 260 Non-Reference Roundup

Game Benchmarks: Crysis

Crysis can be a brutal benchmark, even on today’s most powerful solutions. Let’s start the benchmarks with some playable detail settings, at Crysis’ medium detail level:

Crysis is demonstrating definite improvements with higher clock speeds. At this detail setting, it looks like the 9600 GT-based cards can handle 1680x1050, the GTS 250 cards can handle 1920x1200, and the GTX 260 cards can muster 2560x1600 playable performance.

Let’s crank it up to high details and see what happens:

At High quality settings, we really wouldn’t want to use any of these cards for playable Crysis performance (except maybe the GTX 260 cards at 1680x1050).

Let’s move on to a title that’s much easier on the graphics sub-system: Left 4 Dead.