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GeForce 9600 GT/GTS 250/GTX 260 Non-Reference Roundup

Game Benchmarks: Fallout 3

The incredibly-popular Fallout 3 is based on the same 3D engine as its predecessor, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Back in the day, Oblivion crippled contemporary gaming systems, but things have come a long way since then. Is the new, updated 3D engine in Fallout as demanding on new hardware?

The good news is that you can realize playable performance in Fallout with any of these cards at 1920x1200. Even the 9600 GT-based solutions can offer passable performance at 2560x1600, since Fallout 3 isn’t a "twitchy" game like most first-person shooters.

Let’s amp things up with 4xAA and 15xAF:

Here we see the GeForce GTX 260 cards justify their higher price tags, with playable performance all the way up to 2560x1600. The less-expensive models struggle to keep up.