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Results: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Do Two GeForce GTX 680s Beat Three GeForce GTX 660 Tis In SLI?

Apart from a minor misstep at 1920x1080, Skyrim’s High Detail preset scales directly with GPU potential. That places the cheaper three-way GeForce GTX 660 Ti configuration higher than two GeForce GTX 680s in two-way SLI.

All of these solutions, right down to the single GeForce GTX 680 2 GB at its stock clock rates, play smoothly through our 5760x1080 test, though much of the credit for that goes to the system's 4.4 GHz overclocked Sandy Bridge-E-based CPU.

Another run, this time using its Ultra detail preset, shows what appears to be a performance ceiling around 133 FPS. We know from past experience that this title is somewhat CPU-constrained, and that is the likely explanation for similar performance between three GeForce GTX 660 Tis and two GeForce GTX 680s.

A second-by-second chart again shows that all of the tested graphics configurations appear adequate for these ultra-high detail levels and resolutions as high as 5760x1080. Purists will note that the single cards barely dip below the floor of 40 FPS that we like to talk about, however.

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