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Lian-Li PC-V351

Stealthy HTPC: Two Cases To Hide Your Inner-Geek

Also available in dazzling red and basic silver, the all-aluminum PC-V351 uses 2.0mm-thick face and side panels plus 1.2mm-thick formed components to provide the quality and durability for which Lian-Li is famous.

By putting its drive bays on the side and designing the case to be nearly cube-shaped, Lian-Li was able to make its PC-V351 appear to be something other than a PC. This author is reminded of mini-subwoofers so often tied to modern home-theater audio systems.

Reduced length and width compared to traditional home-theater cases is made possible by a two-level design, with the power supply and the drives mounted above the motherboard and its expansion cards. While limited to micro-ATX motherboards, there’s otherwise enough space for large components.

External drives can be mounted for right-side or left-side access. Though the PC-V351 appears to support up to four external drives, its 11" width prevents these from being installed back-to-back. A 3.5” to 5.25” drive bay adapter is pre-installed.

A slide-out motherboard tray is required because the case has limited motherboard access from the top.

Two 3.5” internal drives can be slipped in from the rear after removing an 80mm exhaust fan. Labeled as part number LI128025BE-4, the fan is rated at 0.1A, 1,200 RPM, 15 CFM, and 13 dBA.

Two slide-in 120mm intake fans feed air into the CPU and graphics card coolers. Listed as part number LI1221225SE-4, each is rated at 0.8A, 1,000 RPM, 44 CFM, and 19.8 dBA.

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