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1000 Watt Power Supply

Intel Skulltrail Part 1: The Power of 8 Cores

Since the D5400XS was developed to satisfy the highest demands, it requires a brawny power supply with good and plentiful cables. Intel recommends using a PSU with at least 1000 Watts. Yes, you read correctly - 1 kilowatt.

Intel's PSU Recommendations
Power Rating 1000 W 1400 W
Memory 4 GB 8 GB
Processors 2 4
GPUs 2 4

Eight-pin power connectors

The two 150-Watt processors can only be supplied with sufficient power through eight-pin connectors. Overclockers should use both of these eight-pin connectors while a single one should suffice for normal operation at default clock speeds.

Eight-pin power cables

Only very few commercially available power supplies come with two 8-pin power cables and connectors. For the tests, we used the Enermax Galaxy EGA1000EWL, which is rated at 1000 Watts. This PSU features two 8-pin power connectors as well as two six-pin PCI-Express connectors

Enermax Galaxy EGA 1000EWL PSU

Enermax Galaxy EGA 1000EWL label
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