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HTML5 Performance Benchmarks

Web Browser Grand Prix VIII: Chrome 16, Firefox 9, And Mac OS X

Facebook JSGameBench 4.1

Firefox 9 running under Windows 7 is able to pull off another significant win in Facebook's JSGameBench test, followed by Internet Explorer. Chrome places a distant third with a sub-500 score. Safari fills fourth place at close to 250 points, while Opera trails far behind with about 150 points.

The tables turn in OS X, as Safari achieves the high score of nearly 1400 points. Chrome moves up to second place, earning about 50 more points than its Windows version. Firefox drops dramatically to third place with 266 points, a mere sixth of its showing in Windows 7. Opera again brings up the rear, not even earning 100 points.


As a reminder, we use the single-pixel variant of the HTML vector charting test instead of the original two-pixel version due to unusually low scores achieved by WebKit-based browsers.

Windows 7 Detail View

Mac OS X Detail View

Cross-Platform Composite View

Firefox takes the lead in the Windows 7 GUIMark 2 HTML5 tests with a fantastic score of 47 FPS. IE9 earns second place at 44 FPS, while Chrome pulls in 37.5 FPS to take third. Safari and Opera both earn scores in the 28 FPS range to place fourth and fifth, respectively.

Safari is the first-place finisher in Mac OS X, achieving 45 FPS. Firefox places second with 28 FPS, and Opera is close behind with 27 FPS. Chrome brings up the rear with only 24.5 frames per second.

Asteroids HTML5 Canvas 2D

IE9 tops the Windows 7 charts in the Asteroids HTML5 Canvas 2D and JavaScript benchmark at 55 FPS. Safari and Chrome tie for second place with 47 FPS each. Opera places a respectable third, while Firefox again flails behind the pack, scoring only 21 FPS.

In OS X, it's Safari that earns the highest score with 54.5 FPS. Opera moves to second place with 38 FPS, and Chrome takes third with 35 FPS. Firefox remains in last place, achieving two frames per second more than its Windows showing. 

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