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Graphics Card And Hard Drive

System Builder Marathon, Q2 2013: The $400 Spirit Of Mini-ITX

Graphics Card: Sapphire 100357LP Radeon HD 7750 1 GB GDDR5

Our build involves very specific needs in terms of performance, dimensions, and efficiency. Sapphire delivers beautifully by packing a full-fledged reference-clocked Radeon HD 7750, requiring no auxiliary power, into a low-profile PCB. We're counting on this card to match the stock performance of other 7750s we’ve tested. What remains to be seen is if it overclocks, given the tiny cooler and our low-volume enclosure.

Connectivity includes Dual-Link DVI, mini-DisplayPort, and micro-HDMI, going so far as to support three-display output from a low-profile bracket. Sapphire bundles adapters for standard DisplayPort, HDMI, and analog VGA.

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More information on the efficient 28 nm Cape Verde layout is found in AMD Radeon HD 7770 and 7750 Review: Familiar Speed, Less Power.

Hard Drive: Samsung Spinpoint M8 ST320LM001 320 GB

The enclosure we picked lacks a 3.5" hard drive bay and we simply couldn't afford an SSD or faster 7200 RPM disk. So, Samsung's 320 GB SATA 3Gb/s-capable notebook drive gives us an 8 MB cache, a 5400 RPM spindle, and enough capacity to hold the stuff you'd want to put on a diminutive PC. It's even protected by a two-year warranty.

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