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Benchmark Results: Synthetics

System Builder Marathon, June 2010: $2,000 Performance PC

3DMark Vantage appears to prefer AMD’s architecture, though it would have given our new Nvidia-equipped system a far higher score had we left the PhysX processing unit enabled. The problem with PPU scores is that they artificially inflate the CPU score, further removing the 3DMark score from actual GPU performance.

PCMark, on the other hand, was expected to favor the $3,000 system’s storage configuration. Our former machine used a pair of high-performance SSD drives in RAID 0, and PCMark is the only benchmark in our set to reflect the speed at which a system launches and closes programs.

Sandra’s CPU benchmarks point to the inability of our Core i7-930 to live up to its predecessor’s high overclock.

It appears that we should have spent a little more time tuning the $2,000 overclocked configuration’s memory timings.

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