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Benchmark Results: World In Conflict And Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

System Builder Marathon: $625 Gaming PC

3D Games: World In Conflict, Supreme Commander Forged Alliance

Clearly, World in Conflict is mostly CPU-limited, so even though our January/February PC is paired with a more powerful graphics card, it loses to last month’s system. At stock speeds, the E5200 totally fails to impress.

Overclocking brings the two systems about dead even, with just a single FPS separating them at our highest resolution. 

By enabling 4x AA and 16x AF we start to see a benefit from our GPU upgrade. If you ever doubted that overclocking a processor could make for a better gaming experience, take notice in this real-time strategy title of the 13% higher frame rates at 1920x1200 with 4xAA/16xAF when overclocked vs. 1280x1024 without AA and AF when not overclocked.       

Last month, there was a slight boost at stock speeds with our more-powerful CPU. This month we see how much larger gains can be achieved with a GPU upgrade. It looks like we still need to set our sights on a more powerful GPU to reach 30 FPS at these maxed-out settings.

With 4xAA enabled, results are, as expected, far worse. Just as we saw at 1920x1200 without AA, the added GPU demands of AA pretty much remove the benefit of overclocking our E5200 CPU. That’s not to say Forged Alliance doesn’t require a hefty CPU, but in this case a lack of GPU power is preventing us from seeing any CPU scaling. Comparing the system to last month's build, a 2 FPS boost is a meaningless victory when average frame rates remain under 20 FPS.

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