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Power And Temperature Benchmarks

ATI Radeon HD 5570: Reasonable Gaming Performance For $80?

Aside from gaming results, we can see that the Radeon HD 5570 brings extremely low power usage to this class of gaming card--even lower than the entry-level Radeon HD 4650. There is certainly nothing to complain about here, and this data makes it very easy to recommend the 5570 as an upgrade to folks who don't want to swap power supplies, don't want to add heat to their existing machines, or are looking to integrate the card in a small form factor chassis.

Because we have a number of graphics cards in play sporting non-reference cooling solutions, this isn't a comparison of standard cooler performance. But it does show us that the tiny active cooler on ATI's Radeon HD 5570 does its job more than adequately. A 31 degree load temperature over ambient is a very good result, and speaks to how little heat this 40nm GPU generates at the clock rates the company is using. 

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