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Operating Modes: JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, SAFE33, SAFE50

LaCie and SimpleTech Dual Drive Mammoths

lacie jbod

JBOD mode simple runs both hard drives independently, so you will have two storage partitions each with a 500 GB gross capacity.

lacie big raid

The RAID 0 mode is called FAST and provides the total capacity of both 500 GB hard drives (932 GB net at 1 KB = 1,024 bytes) in a stripe set. This delivers the best performance, but increases the risk of total data loss: all of the data will be inaccessible should even one of the two drives fail.

lacie big raid

The RAID 1 mode is called SAFE100, which means that 100% of the storage capacity is mirrored. This, of course, means that you get only the capacity of a single 500 GB drive.

lacie safe33

SAFE33 mode creates a secure RAID 1 array using 33% of the drives’ capacity. The remaining storage will be transformed into a quick RAID 0 (FAST) array, which works perfectly for fast, temporary work storage. Remember to back up important data to a more secure location at the end of your working day!

lacie safe50

SAFE50 works like SAFE33, but it utilizes 50% of the capacity to create a mirrored partition. The remaining capacity is used to create a RAID 0 (FAST) array.

OneButton Backup

Like many other external storage devices, the 2big Dual offers a backup button. There is also software called OneButton Backup, which allows you to specify backup source files and folders as well as a target (ideally the 2big Dual). The software works well, but it is rather simple: it does not support incremental backups, which use an initial backup set and store only the modified files in later backup runs. The OneButton Backup stores an entire backup, creating a new subfolder instead.

lacie one button

lacie one button