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Results: Sequential Performance

Intel SSD DC S3700 Review: Benchmarking Consistency

Both Intel SSD DC S3700 drives perform well in our sequential write workloads. The 200 and 800 GB capacities slightly exceed their specifications, though neither solution yields the high-end performance we see from desktop-oriented SSDs.

Read performance, as we'd expect, is nearly identical. There isn't much to say about these numbers. Who would have thought, though, that we'd become so complacent with 460 MB/s writes and 500 MB/s reads after relying on mechanical storage for so long?

That's the thing about this drive, though. To truly appreciate what it was designed to do, you have to transcend its corner-case test results. Although the sequential performance averages are merely average, consistency is, once again, outstanding. Our exclusive Enterprise Video Streaming Performance benchmark on the next page puts this into perspective.

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