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Installing The SSD

Install A Solid State Drive In Your Notebook

The first stage was to change the hard disk. While on the majority of notebooks the hard disk is fairly easy to access (generally by unscrewing one or two screws), the MacBook Pro has to be taken almost completely apart. And as you’ll see, that is no picnic.

With A PC

With PCs like the Samsung R60 we used to illustrate this article, all you do is remove two screws and lift a panel to access the hard disk, as the illustration shows.

ssd hard disk

With A MacBook Pro

The Apple notebook, on the other hand, requires that you disassemble most of the case. Here are pictures of all the stages in our installation of the SSD in a MacBook Pro.

ssd portablessd portable

ssd portablessd portable

ssd portablessd portable

ssd portablessd portable

Note that the SSD, despite its high price (around $700 not including tax), is rather poorly finished. To give you an example, we had to tap into the case in order to use the original MacBook Pro screws, even though they’re fully standard screws.

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