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Thecus' N8800PRO With Open-E DDS 6.0

Open-E's DSS V6: Storage Software Set Up, Managed, And Benchmarked
By , Marcel Binder

Regardless of your experience level with network-attached storage devices, Open-E DSS 6.0 (actually, a customized version of the software installed on our appliance) is easy to set up and configure thanks to a number of helpful wizards, a well thought-out Web interface, and unambiguous menu designations.

After logging in for the first time and entering a license key, you can start setting up the NAS server. It's a five-step process if you're configuring the device for a Windows-based network: configure the network card, configure the software RAID, creating a volume group, create users, and configure network shares.

Most folks will typically set the system up using a wizard after logging in for the first time. That involves choosing an interface language, picking an administrative password, configuring IP addresses, selecting a time zone, setting the time, and assigning a server name. The German builder who sent our sample already specified a default configuration, though, so we were able to skip that step entirely.

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