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Open-E: Configuring A RAID Array

Open-E's DSS V6: Storage Software Set Up, Managed, And Benchmarked
By , Marcel Binder

After selecting the disks that you want to be part of the RAID array , Open-E sets up the software-based configuration on Thecus' N8800PRO. We chose to use all eight disks in a RAID 6 arrangement. Initializing the 16 TB array took about 12 hours, which is neither impressively fast or frustratingly slow for an array of this size.

Once the array is in place, the system displays a summary screen of all RAID-oriented parameters.

As an aside, if you want to optimize the array for throughput or I/O performance, you can modify its block size between 4 and 256 KB. In addition, you can choose the algorithm to use for RAID 5 and 6, affecting the array's performance.

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