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Get Ready For The Thermal Compound Benchmarks!

Thermal Paste Comparison, Part One: Applying Grease And More

Tom's Hardware's Thermal Compound Charts and a Part Two Preview

Based on those four setups, I tabulated the test results of 20 pastes and published them to our Thermal Compound Charts. These benchmarks help determine how much experience a given product requires, which application is best suited to each compound, and whether they're appropriate for use with graphics cards.

The second part will also discuss liquid metal offerings and various thermal pads, both of which are special cases. Finally, all tested products are introduced and pictured. In other words, there are not only charts and tables, but also a brief verbal assessment of each and every tested product. Yes, you'll even get a few purchase recommendations.

Does "really expensive" always translate to "really good"? Part two of our exploration will answer that question. 

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