THG's Xmas 2002 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Logitech Momo Force Steering Wheel

PC Racing: Much Easier With A Steering Wheel!

The Logitech Momo Force is our steering wheel of choice. It isn't cheap, but it does have a quality advantage over other products in the same arena.

If you are into racing games, then a steering wheel is the critical component to getting the most out of these titles. With the release of Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and RalliSport Challenge for the PC, steering wheels should be on top of the shopping list for any game lover.

In May of this year Stéphane Kauffmann took an in-depth look at these products saying that the "The MOMO Force is a lovely thing that all racing lovers would dream of having in front of their PC." I am not sure that you can get a better endorsement that from one of our editors.

While it is still rather expensive, it is the ultimate and it can be found for about $20 to $30 less on the Internet if you shop around.

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