THG's Xmas 2002 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Networking Devices

Linksys USB 100M Etherfast 10/100 Compact USBNetwork Adapter

Toolbox 10/100 Ethernet

We first discovered this device when we were building the Ultimate Tool Box, and later Shawn gave it a more in-depth review. The verdict was solid, and the Linksys USB 100M is an excellent gift idea for anyone that can use a NIC in a pinch. We have seen the product on the Internet for a lot lower than the $40 suggested retail price, which makes this another great stocking stuffer.

Turtle Beach AudioTron

Music Across Your Home Network? - AudioTron

The AudioTron from Turtle Beach is a great addition for anyone who would want to expand their use of MP3 files. With the additional updates of the new Version 3.0 Firmware, the AudioTron continues add new functionality to the product.

Although we reviewed the AudioTron in time for last Christmas, we elected to place it in the buyer's guide for this year because of all of the new features and enhancements that have been added with the free 3.0 Firmware upgrade. We liked the additional new features and continue to find the AudioTron to be an excellent buy for those who are looking to integrate all of their MP3s from all of their computers across the network and play them on a stereo in the living room, for example. Although the AudioTron only supports Ethernet and PNA, we have heard of people using Ethernet to Wireless bridge devices to make the AudioTron wireless as well. This item is better suited for the high-end enthusiast who has some experience with networking and MP3 files. Still it makes an exceptional holiday gift for those who are looking for additional access to their vast collection of MP3 files, and with the new 3.0 Firmware it just gets better and better.

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