THG's Xmas 2002 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Digital Cameras And Related Devices

Canon PowerShot S200/ Digital Ixus V2

Digicams: The New 2 Megapixel Monsters

The S200 continues to hold it's ground against the new challengers.

THG's Vincent Alzieu took a look at the 2 megapixel cameras in July and recommended the Canon PowerShot S200 as the best all around camera in that category. Although there have been additional developments and products that have been introduced since this review it is obvious that the S200 continues to hold it's ground against the competition in this category. Digital cameras will continue to be one of the most purchased items this holiday season and with the $50 price reduction since this review was published, in the 2 megapixel category the S200 continues to be a great choice. If you are looking for something in the 3 or 4 mega pixel range, and you are willing to part with a little more money, the Canon PowerShot S30/S40 and G2/G3 also are excellent choices as well.

Olympus E-20

Four 5-Megapixel Cameras In Review

With a $250 price reduction since our review, the E-20 is for the most serious of digital photographers, but if you want to treat someone to one of the highest end 5 mega pixel monsters the E-20 is still a good value.

When we did our first reviews, the 5 megapixel cameras were still in the early stages of the technology curve. Since then many new models have appeared, but the Olympus E-20 is still a great value since it's price has dropped almost $250 since our initial review. Of course 5 megapixel cameras are geared torward the prosumer, not the novice and you have to decide whether you really need to spend this much if you are just taking general snapshots of friends and family.

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