THG's Xmas 2002 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Computer Cases And Add-Ons

Antec Performance Plus Computer Case

How To Select The Right Case

The Performance Plus 1080 from Antec continues to be one of the most popular cases on the market today. It is no wonder why as it offers a great case for the price.

Purchasing a case is another great way to improve the look and functionality of your computer system. The problem with most of the great cases that are on the market today is that they tend to lean more toward the expensive side.

A good all-round case upgrade for most users is the Antec Performance Plus 1080. It offers a ton of expansion and configuration options not available with other cases. Unless the recipient happens to have all black drives, we suggest that you purchase this case in beige. You might also want to make sure that the place that sells it to you will do a return if the color or system doesn’t work for you.

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