THG's Xmas 2002 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Computer Speakers

In March of this year Philippe Ramelet took a look at 4.1 and 5.1 speaker systems. In this review he looked at 13 systems in various categories. From his review we selected one value-end system, one mid-range system, and one high-end system to recommend.

Many people don't seem to put the money into the speaker systems that they really should, and that is a real shame, because with most of the modern games that have multi-channel sound support, they are missing out on so much. We've linked to Philippe's complete reviews here, and we recommend that you read them before you commit any money to the purchase of a speaker system.

Value End - Logitech Z-540 Speakers

Comparison of 13 4.1 and 5.1 Sound Systems
$60 US

The Logitech Z-540 has a very attractive price point. While the retail is about $60, we have seen them for much less, which vaults Logitech to the head of the class for consideration as a gift item for the holidays.

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