THG's Xmas 2002 Holiday Buyer's Guide

Creative Labs Audigy 2 Multimedia Sound Card

A Prima Donna on PC: Creative Labs Audigy 2

Here it is - the recognized world leader in sound card technology, and of course the clear market leader. The Audigy 2 is still too new to know how much market share it has been able to capture, but if you want the best this clearly has to be at the top of the list for sound cards.

Audigy 2 has made its way on to the market, and it's the first to carry THX certification. While this might be a surprise to some, the new features offered by the Audigy 2 are not a surprise at all. Creative took what was good about the original Audigy and expanded upon it with the Audigy 2. While Audigy 2 isn't a cheap solution, it offers a variety of features that no other product offers. Clearly it is head and shoulder above the vast majority of sound solutions on the market today. Pricing starts at $199 and can go up from there depending on which configuration you choose.

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