THG's Holiday Buyer's Guide: Second Edition

Salton - George Foreman "The Champ" Grill

Retail Price - $39.99 US

Website - Salton

The Champ George Foreman Grill is great for those late night snacks.

No holiday season would be complete without the consumption of mass quanities of food and drink. We don't normally cover cooking at THG, but what the heck, everyone loves a good burger or steak. Believe it or not, the George Foreman "The Champ" Grill (with bun warmer) is an excellent product, road tested. I got my first look at the George Foreman grill in action at the Ultra Unreal LAN party held in Columbus, Ohio: at 3 A.M., we were hungry so Gary fired up the grill to show us how amazing it really is. While the food cooks on The Champ, built-in channels on the grill drain the fat away from the food you are cooking, which means that the grill doesn't smoke, and the grilled food contains less fat (like it makes much of a difference if you already have a beer in your hand to wash it all down). If you have a grilled hamburger fan on your shopping list, this is one accessory that hits the spot.

Conclusion - If You Are Not Broke Yet, We Are Not Doing Our Job

Well, if you are not maxed out on your credit cards yet, we must not be doing a good job with our buyer's guides this year. In this second edition, we reviewed some new products and technology that we don't normally review at THG. We even threw in a few software suggestions based on some of our recent playing experiences. Our purpose in putting these buyer's guides together was to offer help in shopping for the technically inclined people on your shopping lists this year. We believe that whatever gift you choose from our Buyer's Guide, it should deliver an experience that will make it a remembered gift, rather than a gift that just gets shoved in a drawer after the holidays are over.

If you haven't started your shopping yet, print out the holiday shopping guides and head to your nearest electronics and/ or computer store to have a first-hand look at some of these products. Then, go back home, relax, sit back in your chair in front of your computer and go to the links we've included with these products. You'll learn more about the products after you have seen them. Once you have priced them in both a retail store and on the Internet, you will be more educated on what the going price really is. If you do shop over the Internet, remember to allow sufficient time for the products to arrive in time for Christmas.

Happy consumering!! Go forth and spend....

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    dear ma'am/sir,
    i have a JVC mini DV. i bought a 4-6 pins firewire cable at CDRKing. the problem is, my desktop does not have 6 pins port. also my thinkpad t60 laptop does not have 4 pins also. please help me find the thing i need to transfer my videos...

    appreciate you immediate response.
    God bless you..