THG's Holiday Buyer's Guide: Second Edition

THG's 2002 Holiday Buyer's Guide - The Second Edition

We are still feeling quite festive so we wanted to provide you with a few more suggestions that might do well as last-minute gifts, stocking stuffers, or gifts for those "hard-to-buy-for" people that we all have on our lists.

In this Second Edition of our Holiday Buyer's Guide, we tried to select products in a less expensive price range. We strictly adhered to a maximum price of $300, while trying to put a special emphasis on products that were $100 or less. Many of the suggestions for these additions to this Buyer's Guide came from you, our readers. Many of you told us about your favorite items, and suggested products that were not in the previous holiday buyer's guide. Where possible, we have provided links to the reviews of these products to help make your shopping experience easier, and in cases where we didn't review the product we have provided you with links to the manufacturer's website.

As we suggested in our first THG Holiday Buyer's Guide , using the THG Low- Price Finder Guide can help you to get the best possible deal. The prices that we list for the products in our Buyer's Guide are the suggested retail prices. With a little comparison shopping and some homework, you should be able to knock a substantial amount (maybe as much as 30%) off this price. With your wallet a little emptier after your first rounds of shopping, every price savings helps!

Once again, the editors and staff at THG extend you our best wishes for a happy holiday season, and we thank you for reading what we have to say.

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