THG's Holiday Buyer's Guide: Second Edition

Software - A Few Favorites For The Holiday Season

Pinnacle Systems - Studio 8

Retail Price - $99.99 US

Website - Pinnacle

If you want to get your feet wet in video editing, Studio 8 from Pinnacle is the ticket to make it happen.

Pinnacle Studio Version 8 is a total video editing solution that provides all of the tools you'll need. Simply capture your video footage and then use the professional editing features, such as scene transitions, title effects, fast/ slow motion, background music, advanced color correction, and contrast and brightness control to create compelling movies. Once you've edited your video, you can also burn your movies to CD or DVD complete with motion menus, multiple linked menus and motion buttons. Then sit back and watch your masterpiece on your set top DVD player. If you know someone who wants to experiment with and learn video editing, this product is one of the best introductions that we have seen. It is simple enough for the beginner, but has the power that a more advanced user will love. Of course, you will need a camcorder and a DVD burner if you want to complete the package.

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  • Anonymous
    dear ma'am/sir,
    i have a JVC mini DV. i bought a 4-6 pins firewire cable at CDRKing. the problem is, my desktop does not have 6 pins port. also my thinkpad t60 laptop does not have 4 pins also. please help me find the thing i need to transfer my videos...

    appreciate you immediate response.
    God bless you..