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Benchmark Results: Peacekeeper, Geekbench, And Lightsmark

Ubuntu 10.10: Maverick Meerkat Benchmarked And Reviewed


Both Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04 LTS use Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10 as the default Web browser. The latest stable version of Google Chrome (6.0.472.63), along with Opera 10.6.3 were added to the Peacekeeper test since the last Ubuntu review.

Using their shared default Web browser, Ubuntu 10.10 comes in 40 points behind the older LTS release. The story changes when using the latest version of Google Chrome; Maverick is up by nearly 90 points. The standings reverse again in Opera, with the Lynx earning nearly 150 points more than the Meerkat.


Maverick Meerkat manages to pull in nearly 75 points more than Lucid Lynx.

Lightsmark 2008

While Lightsmark ran through in its entirety in Lucid, many of the tests had large solid black areas that should have instead displayed various types of shadows.

In Lightsmark 2008, Ubuntu 10.10 beats the elder release by more than 50 points (over ten percent).

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