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Kingwin ATK-25U3-BK

Portable Performance: Four USB 3.0 Enclosures For Your 2.5” Drive

Kingwin tries to cover all possible needs by including both an auxiliary power cable and a Phillips screwdriver in its ATK-25U3-BK package. An included carrying bag has its cable pouch on the inside.

Kingwin’s part is unique in two ways: first, it’s the only model to use a USB 3.0 Type A connector and second, it’s the only one to have a controller button.

While the enclosure includes no software to use with that button, some backup software manufacturers have used initialization buttons to start their programs. The clear button still serves as an activity LED, regardless of other possible functions.

A clear plastic sheet runs through the Kingwin ATK-25U3-BK interior, thereby protecting the exposed circuits of mechanical drives.

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