Portable Performance: Four USB 3.0 Enclosures For Your 2.5” Drive

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All four of today’s drive enclosures passed our quality inspection, all performed identically, and all included a high-quality USB 3.0 cable. So which one would we chose?

Aesthetics is the biggest differentiating factor between these devices and our opinion on aesthetics might differ from yours. There are a few smaller differences, such as the auxiliary power cable not included with the Eagle Tech Consus ET-CS2FSU3-BK, but we don’t plan on using any of these boxes to connect a high-power drive (such as Seagate’s 7,200 RPM parts) to a low-power USB 2.0 port. SIIG’s JU-SA0312-S1 was the only model with screw-free drive installation—if that’s important to you—while Kingwin’s ATK-25U3-BK comes with an activation button—if you can figure out what to do with it. If we’re going to get that fussy, we’d might as well move back to the discussion of aesthetics and mention that the Eagle Tech model is supplied with two different designer lids to suit the changing tastes of some users.

We did criticize the 195 MB/s limit of the ASM1051 bridge used by all four devices, but we understand that most users will not spend hundreds of dollars on the fastest-possible SSD drive simply to have a slightly faster portable device. Instead, most buyers will either purchase a new high-capacity notebook drive or reuse one from a previous system. All four of these enclosures exceed the performance limits of any 2.5” SATA mechanical drive and thus any product the buyer selects from today’s test should become the perfect unit for his or her personal needs. Pick your own favorite and you’ll come out the winner.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • I know this isn't relevant, but what is in the pcie1 slot?
  • Gin Fushicho
    You guys are really benching cases? I figured they'd all be close to the same anyway.
  • Crashman
    SubSonix1I know this isn't relevant, but what is in the pcie1 slot?
    Nothing, the slot is covered by an extended chipset heat sink.
  • TomD_1
    So basically, they all have identical hardware, and IMO all look ugly
  • Crashman
    TomD_1So basically, they all have identical hardware, and IMO all look ugly
    You forgot to mention they all fit in a shirt pocket. That is the most important part.
  • thejerk
    Scraping the bottom of the barrel for non-iPad news?
  • warmon6
    thejerkScraping the bottom of the barrel for non-iPad news?
    Um.... few things,

    1. They haven't been just covering the ipad. They been covering alot of other things.

    2. This isn't news. This is a review. Learn the difference.
  • kelfen
    if ya think about it this is more cost effective per GB to buy one of these and a hard drive then buying a usb drive
  • Good... so I can share my pirated movies more faster?( sarcasm )
  • rooket
    What's the performance like if you use it with a hard drive? Just same as usb 2.0 I'd imagine? Odd that they're only hitting 35MB/sec with USB 2.0. It should go 60MB/sec. Why is this only half the speed?