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Portable Performance: Four USB 3.0 Enclosures For Your 2.5” Drive

SIIG’s unique additions to today’s roundup include an enclosure that supports screw-free drive insertion and a pair of rubber strips that reduce rattle with loosely fitting drives.

Like many of its competitors, the JU-SA0312-S1 includes USB 3.0 and auxiliary power cables, a cushioned bag with an internal cable pouch, and a cryptic name.

Squeezing an end tab firmly allows the cap to be lifted away for drive insertion. Little effort is required to snap it back into place.

Screws at the other end should never require removal, although we took them out to photograph the interface card. An activity LED sits opposite the auxiliary power jack

ASMedia’s ASM1051 tucks deeply into the JU-SA0312-S1 end cap, on top of an interface card that’s securely glued in place.

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