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Editing In Adobe Premiere Pro

Storage Performance In Entertainment And Content Creation

Overall Statistics
Premiere Pro. Editing
Elapsed Time
Read Operations
32 214
Write Operations
Data Read
3.91 GB
Data Written
11.74 MB
Disk Busy Time
8.97 s
Average Data Rate
448.37 MB/s

When you're stitching together video files, adding effects, and tweaking audio, you need video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. Given the increasing creativity of YouTube videos, we're certain that more and more power users are getting their hands dirty with the immense power an app like this facilitates.

While editing strikes many people as very complex right out of the gate, the storage aspect is pretty straightforward, and even predictable. Nearly all of the data consists of 128 KB transfers read and written sequentially (although editing is biased to reading; the writing happens when you export your finished product).

Most of the operations are queued between a depth of two and six operations, which makes sense given that video editing involves interacting with multiple clips. It's only natural to see higher queue depths as the number of files in your project grows.

I/O Trends:

  • 15% of all operations occur at a queue depth of one
  • 37% of all operations occur at queue depths of two and four
  • 48% of all operations occur at queue depths of five and eight
  • 92% of all data transferred is sequential
  • 96% of all operations are 128 KB in transfer size

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