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GPUs - Page 4


Graphics processors power everything from games to physics, and are found in devices from smartphones to supercomputers. At Tom's Hardware, get the latest benchmarks to make your games super smooth, find the best graphics for your money, or keep current on the latest trends in GPUs.

news - AUGUST 24 18

AMD is off-loading some real estate.

news - AUGUST 23 13

AMD's cloud gaming initiative made an appearance at Gamescom this week.

news - AUGUST 23 38

DigiTimes' sources in the "upstream supply chain" have reported that AMD's new top-end "Hawaii" GPU will be launched in October 2013.

news - AUGUST 22 31

Get 'em while they're hot, folks.

news - AUGUST 14 25

The Never Settle Forever program lets customers choose their free game.

news - AUGUST 9 5

Gigabyte has updated its GTX 780 WindForce 3X OC Edition to Rev 2.0 which now features two 8-pin PEG power connectors.

news - AUGUST 6 18

Ahead of its August 7, 2013 reveal date, MSI has released three teaser images of the GeForce GTX 780 Lightning graphics card.

news - AUGUST 6 195

Here's a little smack-talk dished out by AMD.

news - AUGUST 5 73

Microsoft has cranked up the GPU juice in Xbox One.

news - JULY 30 8

It's called CloudLight, and will choose a specific rendering scheme based on the target device.

news - JULY 29 17

Galaxy has launched two high-end factory overclocked variants of the GeForce GTX 770 and GTX 780 GPUs.

news - JULY 23 21

Today at SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, CA, Nvidia announced the new 'top card' for its Quadro line of workstation graphics cards, the Quadro K6000.

news - JULY 23 13

The Gigabyte GeForce GT 640 is a budget graphics card that features 384 CUDA cores, a core clock of 1046 MHz, and a single slot cooler.

news - JULY 22 14

Nvidia's Shield handheld is shipping at the end of the month.

news - JULY 18 27

Seven new games get Gaming Evolved stickers.

news - JULY 2 9 has reported that the budget oriented Zotac GT 630 Zone edition and Zotac GT 640 GPUs will feature Nvidia’s GK208-301 “Kepler” core.

news - JULY 1 33

AMD's Catalyst 13.6 Beta2 driver doesn't support Windows XP.

news - JUNE 29 11

Nvidia's GeForce drivers for Windows 8.1 Preview will be served up through Windows Update.

news - JUNE 28 4

AMD has unleashed a new Catalyst Driver specifically for Windows 8.1 Preview.

news - JUNE 20 14

The latest CUDA development suite from Nvidia supports ARM.

news - JUNE 19 11

Looks like Nvidia wants to be in every computing device known to man.

news - JUNE 10 26

AMD is blurring the lines between PC and consoles.

reviews - JUNE 10 151

By now, you've probably heard all about Bitcoins. But what are they? And are people actually striking it rich "mining" these things? Today, we'll find out with a first-hand look into the world of this...

reviews - MAY 30 334

Wait, the new GeForce GTX 770 is powered by Nvidia's old GK104? That's right. And guess what? The card is faster, quieter, more feature-complete, and less expensive than the GeForce GTX 680 that came before it....

reviews - MAY 23 153

At $1,000, GeForce GTX Titan only made sense for folks building small form factor PCs and multi-GPU powerhouses. Now there's another option with every bit of panache, a slightly de-tuned GPU, and a price tag...

news - MAY 3 5

The latest GPU from ARM has surfaced in the AmLogic’s AML8726-M8 quad-core processor.