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Graphics Cards - Page 9


Avoid gaming bottlenecks and keep your system balanced with the latest information about Graphics Cards. From reviews of today’s hottest GPUs to do-it-yourself guides on overclocking, we have everything you need to know.

news - OCTOBER 25 13

EKWB has announced its water blocks for the new R9-290X graphics card, being the first worldwide to do so.

reviews - OCTOBER 24 500

After eight months of watching Nvidia go uncontested in the ultra-high-end graphics market, AMD has a new GPU based on existing technology that promises to challenge the top position. It gets mighty loud at...

news - OCTOBER 23 12

HIS has announced its R9-280X iPower IceQX2 Turbo Boost Clock 3 GB GDDR5 graphics card.

news - OCTOBER 20 44

Interested to see what Battefield 4 looks like in 4K?

news - OCTOBER 18 1

EKWB has released its water block for EVGA's GTX 780 Classified.

news - OCTOBER 17 16

It seems that the Never Settle bundles from AMD might be making their way to the R200 series graphics cards as well!

news - OCTOBER 17 211

We're in the process of benchmarking AMD's upcoming Radeon R9 290X flagship. But before the embargo expires, the company gave us the go-ahead to publish a couple of numbers from tests we've already run.

news - OCTOBER 10 37

There are some advantages to new hardware that very closely resembles older hardware.

reviews - OCTOBER 10 207

We spent our weekend playing the Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta, and made sure to capture a ton of performance data with lots of PC hardware. Does your system have what it takes to handle this title? It comes...

news - OCTOBER 8 34

Are you ready for Hawaii?

reviews - OCTOBER 8 144

AMD is introducing a handful of new model names today, based on existing GPUs. Do the company's price adjustments make this introduction newsworthy, or will the excitement need to wait for its upcoming Radeon...

news - OCTOBER 8 58

Final specs for AMD's newest cards have been leaked ahead of schedule.

news - OCTOBER 4 2

EKWB is working on a white water block for the white KFA2 GTX 780 Hall of Fame graphics card.

news - OCTOBER 4 22

It looks like MSI's Radeon R9-280X Gaming and its R9-270X Hawk might have been pictured.

news - OCTOBER 3 19

As the release of AMD's new cards draws closer, the rumor mill is heating up.

news - OCTOBER 3 25

We do love a bit of healthy competition.

news - OCTOBER 2 19

AMD has released its 13.10 Beta2 driver, and Nvidia has released its 331.40 Beta driver, both with optimizations for the Battlefield 4 beta.

news - OCTOBER 1 30

It appears that the Radeon R9-290X won't need CrossFire bridges, and that it doesn't even have the ports.

reviews - OCTOBER 1 51

When something impresses me, I want to know more, whether it's wine, music, or technology. Months ago, Nvidia dropped off its GeForce GTX 690 and I didn’t know whether to game on it or put it in a frame. This...

news - SEPTEMBER 30 25

Could AMD's high-end Radeon R9 290X hit in mid-October?

news - SEPTEMBER 30 5

XFX has slapped a large three-slot cooler onto a Radeon HD 7990.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 32

AMD revealed a ton of new gaming technologies at its GPU14 tech day.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 16

MSI has announced two new Gaming-series GTX 660 graphics cards for some extra competition.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 20

Images of AMD's upcoming Radeon R7-260X card have been leaked.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 55

New specifications, as well as images and benchmarks of AMD's upcoming Radeon R9-290X 'Hawaii' graphics card have surfaced.

news - SEPTEMBER 21 0

EKWB has introduced a water block for Palit's GTX 780 Jetstream graphics cards.