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Memory - Page 7


Memory is the high-speed storage between your CPU and hard drive. Naturally, you want it to be both fast and plentiful. Our editorial team can help walk you through picking the right RAM kit for your motherboard, optimizing its performance, and keeping it running stably.

news - APRIL 3 13

Samsung said that it is building a new factory to manufacture NAND flash chips to meet the growing demand that is especially created by mobile computing devices.

news - APRIL 1 17

PNY is expanding its XLR8-branded memory series with 2133 MHz and 1866 MHz versions that are sold as 16 GB (4 x 4 GB) and 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) kits.

news - MARCH 29 8

First rumors about the demise of flash surfaces as early as 2004 when there was speculation that MRAM, OUM, PRAM or nanocrystal-supported flash would replace flash memory chips beyond the 32 nm scale by 2009.

news - MARCH 27 22

Intel once again topped the chip maker ranking of 2011.

news - MARCH 26 12

We have all the numbers you crave.

news - MARCH 25 7

Industry rumors suggest that Micron will be the winning bidder to purchase struggling chip maker Elpida.

news - MARCH 14 4

The bankruptcy filing of Elpida may set the stage for a rebound of the DRAM industry.

news - MARCH 4 26

NTT Labs has succeeded in building a prototype of what the company calls optical random access memory, or short o-RAM.

news - MARCH 4 26

Expect the bankruptcy filing of Elpida to result in higher prices for DRAM in the second half of the year.

news - MARCH 1 62

Two DDR4 memory modules were shown off at this years ISSCC.

news - MARCH 1 12

GlobalFoundries apparently has agreed to purchase DRAM maker ProMOS.

news - FEBRUARY 29 9

Elpida might not last much longer in its current form.

news - FEBRUARY 19 29

It appears that the DRAM memory market has bottomed out and prices have begun to stabilize.

news - FEBRUARY 17 9

Sandisk has acquired FlashSoft in an apparent move to offer Flash caching.

news - FEBRUARY 17 3

IHS has released data that highlights a speculated merger between Micron and Elpida, which would create the second largest DRAM company worldwide.

news - FEBRUARY 16 19

A booming counterfeiting industry sent the number of incidents of pirated devices soaring in 2011.

news - FEBRUARY 16 18

It is a small breather for the DRAM industry.

news - FEBRUARY 9 31

Rambus and Nvidia have settled their patent dispute.

news - FEBRUARY 6 5

COO ditches retirement plans to fill Appleton's shoes.

news - FEBRUARY 6 10

OEMs are now spending more on semiconductors for wireless devices than for computers.

news - FEBRUARY 3 25

Micron's CEO was killed Friday morning while trying to land his plane at the Boise airport.

news - JANUARY 23 26

Red RAM so that your memory won't feel out of place in your enthusiast motherboard.

news - JANUARY 22 55

A new study released by the National Science Board (NSB) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) raises concerns about the global leadership of the U.S. in Science and Technology investments. The report also...

reviews - JANUARY 16 44

I just got back from CES 2012. And although I’ve attended a great many Consumer Electronics Shows, Computexes, and Comdexes (never a CeBIT), this year’s show was by far the most intense. It wasn’t that...

news - JANUARY 4 8

Another month has gone by and our hard-working team has made numerous new updates to our hardware testing charts. Peep all the new additions at the links inside!

news - JANUARY 4 22

Elpida Memory, the world's third largest DRAM maker, may be seeking another round of government funding to finance its business.

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