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Processors - Page 6


Today's desktop processors continue to push the performance envelope, while in the mobile space low-cost and high-efficiency processors take us ever closer to ubiquitous computing. From reviews to benchmarks, on desktops to smartphones, Tom's Hardware has the processor information you need.

news - JANUARY 2 6

Remember Intel's entertainment platform Viiv from 2006? And Intel's follow-up idea to jump into the TV market with Google TV in 2011?

news - JANUARY 2 7

TSMC reportedly will start producing Apple's A6X SoC in a trial run during this quarter.

news - DECEMBER 31 24

AMD's no stranger to phasing out brands.

news - DECEMBER 31 64

AMD is expected to launch its FX-8300 8-core processor tomorrow.

news - DECEMBER 30 61

The Internet was floated a new rumor that suggests that the next Playstation could be equipped with GPU switching technology.

news - DECEMBER 29 49

The exodus of key employees at AMD continues.

news - DECEMBER 28 41

It appears that Intel's Haswell processor will launch in early June. According to slides that were leaked to the Chinese website VR-Zone, the product introduction time frame will be between May 27 and June 7,...

news - DECEMBER 27 15

Nanometer processes are used to manufacture chips found in computational hardware.

news - DECEMBER 27 5

Full HD, 5-inch handset, set for CES reveal, powered by quad-core processor.

news - DECEMBER 26 13

Game systems that rely on gesture recognition for data input carry a potential for a player to unintentionally collide with surrounding objects.

news - DECEMBER 26 37

2012 may have been a memorable year for the PC industry, but certainly not in the way processor makers would have hoped.

news - DECEMBER 26 102

id Software's John Carmack still thinks next-generation console gaming will be limited to 30fps.

news - DECEMBER 24 64

There is little doubt that the PC market could use some uplift these days as tablets and smartphones have clearly captured the mindshare of consumers, press and analysts.

reviews - DECEMBER 24 108

Benchmarking 86 CPUs takes a while. After long last, though, we have 51 models from AMD and 35 from Intel tested in our current suite. If you want to know how your processor sizes up to its competition, you'll...

news - DECEMBER 24 29

AMD has lost another key executive. The company confirmed the departure of David Tang, who was senior vice president and president of Greater China region for the company.

news - DECEMBER 23 21

AMD and Cadence taped out the first ARM Cortex-A7 test chip in Samsung's 14-nanometer FinFET process.

news - DECEMBER 22 32

Full HD 4.7-inch screen with a pixel density of 468 PPI and 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor integrated.

news - DECEMBER 21 30

Intel is taking some heat over a delay of Windows 8 tablets that are apparently stuck in quality control testing at Microsoft.

news - DECEMBER 21 8

Intel is preparing the release of four new mobile Celeron processors based on its Ivy Bridge architecture. According to CPU World, the CPUs will be launched in the first quarter of next year.

news - DECEMBER 21 19

Technology giant has now invested $13 billion into Austin plant.

news - DECEMBER 20 8

A software fix should be available soon, Samsung said.

news - DECEMBER 19 39

A supposed leaked slide reveals Ultra HD output support, 72 GPU cores and more goodies spicing up the Tegra 4 SoC.

news - DECEMBER 18 20

Following on the heels of the desktop Haswell processor specifications, information about the mobile CPUs has been leaked as well.

news - DECEMBER 17 6

Nvelo's "SSD caching" systems utilized for speeding up retrieval of data in devices.

news - DECEMBER 13 17

Indium gallium arsenide is gaining traction as a potential successor of silicon in semiconductors.

news - DECEMBER 13 4

Some buzz is building around a mysterious Intel tablet platform that has surfaced on the FCC website.