Asus teases ROG NUC, ready to be unveiled on January 8 — first NUC from Asus since its takeover from Intel

The unnamed ROG NUC teased to be showcased on Jan 8, a day before CES 2024
(Image credit: Asus ROG Via X (Formerly Twitter))

Asus is preparing to introduce its own NUC devices since taking over from Intel with its first ROG-infused NUC. The company announced a teaser via X, saying it will have an event on January 8, a day before CES 2024. The company did not reveal any information or specifications, and any glimpse of the ROG NUC didn't give any scrap of information. We know that Asus has planned to showcase this product for a few months.

Based on a few glimpses in the teaser, the ROG NUC will likely resemble a NUC 13 Extreme Kit with ROG-style aesthetics and high-end built-in cooling. Intel NUC 13 Extreme was introduced in late 2022 with an option between three Intel 13th gen CPUs and a PCIe x16 interface for a compatible three-slot graphics card. So, it looks like Asus will re-introduce the Extreme NUCs as an ROG device with Intel 14th-generation CPUs while using its own ROG design and cooling system.

The NUC 13 Extreme had three CPU variants - the Core i5-13600K, Core i7-13700K, and the Core i9-13900K processor. Asus may do the same, but that's speculative for now.

Expanding NUC lineup with a ROG-Infused System

Intel NUC caters to multiple markets for home and office use, with some of its products providing equal or better alternatives even to some mini PCs. Ever since Asus took over the NUC branding and product after-sales responsibilities from Intel in September 2023, it was a matter of time to see new NUCs. Asus may continue making newer NUCs while introducing ROG NUCs with the best possible choice of hardware for gaming, design, aesthetics, and cooling, as you would expect. One might be curious about the configuration Asus can pack inside an NUC while being good enough for gaming.

Regardless, Asus wants to explore any potential market associated with the word 'gaming,' like how it entered the portable gaming market with its ROG Ally. It also does the same with mini PCs like the C22H. But unlike the mini PC market, Asus has an exclusive NUC market while having NUC 13 Extreme as a reference point. It has to provide the best possible high-performance device in a tiny form factor. The company was successful with ROG Ally, entering the handheld gaming market. Hence, Asus might do something similar with gaming-centric NUCs.

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