Dual-screen OLED laptop from handheld PC maker GPD teased — device to rival Asus ZenBook Duo

Part of the official GPD Duo announcement graphic (no machine render visible in this or the full graphic).
Part of the official GPD Duo announcement graphic (no machine render visible in this or the full graphic). (Image credit: GPD)

Earlier today on Twitter, GPD announced its first "proper" laptop after years of producing handheld PCs. However, the news came with a twist—the upcoming GPD Duo will be a dual-screen OLED laptop akin to the Asus Zenbook Duo we saw at CES. These dual OLED displays reportedly offer 10-bit color depth, 1.07 billion covers, and "the best OLED screen configurated (calibrated?)" This is also everything we know about the upcoming device.

The details are slim, but we can make educated guesses about the upcoming device based on what we already know and existing dual-screen laptops coming to market. Besides the Asus Zenbook Duo, which also uses OLED and starts at $1,499, there's also the more recent dual-IPS SZBox DS16 we spotted on AliExpress last week, which managed to squeeze a clean $710 price point.

Considering that this upcoming laptop from GPD will use dual OLEDs instead of dual IPS, we can definitely expect the starting price point to be closer to Zenbook Duo's $1,499 than DS16's more value-oriented $710.

Meanwhile, the IPS SZBox DS16's screens are 16 inches each, while the OLED Asus Zenbook Duo is slightly smaller at 14 inches per screen. GPD's previous adherence to compact designs makes it unclear which direction the company will choose with its dual OLED offering. 

It's anyone's game (AMD or Intel) regarding internal specs. Since both of the other dual-screen laptops leveraged integrated graphics, we wouldn't be surprised to see GPD continue using the powerful AMD Ryzen 7 8840U in these units. Another way to heat up the competition would be using a proper discrete GPU. However, if this laptop uses OCuLink, like GPD's Win Max 2, the graphics horsepower will at least have room for significant in-place upgrades.

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  • Notton
    Looking at the provided graphic, it seems like they are going for 3 pieces?
    It's got a regular gaming style laptop base and screen, but there is another screen attached to the top using double hinges.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see if it folds like a Z, triangle, or both.
    And here is hoping they design the bottom hinge for the extra weight and leverage.
    Screen hinges are notoriously difficult to perfect.