Nvidia Intros Dual-GPU Card Next Month?

Last week brought reports that Nvidia confirmed the name of its upcoming dual-GPU card slated for a February launch.

Called the GeForce GTX 590, the card is expected to arrive in the same time frame as AMD's similar offering, the dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990 "Antilles"also set for a supposed February release. Nvidia is also expected to launch the new card in the same manner as it did with the GeForce GTX 580: surprisingly sudden, catching AMD off-guard.

Based on a 40-nm fabrication process, the currently unannounced GTX 590 will reportedly come packed with two GF110 GPUs with 512 CUDA cores each, totaling 1024 CUDA cores. The card will also feature a 2 x 384-bit memory interface, 3 GB of GDDR5 memory and support for DirectX 11.

Nordic Hardware speculates that Nvidia chose to max the CUDA count instead of turning off shader blocks and increasing GPU frequencies, offering a more efficient solution. The dual-GPU card will thus have lower clock frequencies and voltages than the new GeForce GTX 580 with a 244-watt TDP using just one GF110 GPU. For now, it's unknown just how much power the dual-GPU card will actually consume when it hits the market, but expect a lot.

Unnamed sources have also confirmed that the reference design is set. The end product will likely sport a full-cover cooler with a large 90-mm radial fan mounted in the center. The size will be close to what the GeForce GTX 295 (Gen. 2) offers, but may be a bit longer.

With February just a day away, we're looking at a very exciting month. Stay tuned as the week progresses.

  • damric
    fire hazard
  • ikefu
    Sweet! A battle of two cards that will account for 0.001% of video cards purchased. Entertaining for sure but not practical for most. Its just for bragging rights.

    How about a dual 6850 card that costs less than two separate cards? Or a dual 460 card. That would definitely draw my attention.
  • house70
    It will be an interesting match... can't wait to see head-to-head comparison reviews.
  • Lutfij
    nvidia need to include a fire extinguisher in the GTX 590 bundle. :) :D :lol: but i must admit , the GTX 580 phantom is an awesome lookign card with REALLLY good grafix...too bad your the room heater wont be needed as summer rolls down in a couple of weeks...
  • dragonsqrrl
    Nice, first leaked image I've seen of the card. It's good to see the rumored specs staying pretty consistent. Looks like it does indeed require a 2x 8 pin power configuration, with the potential to deliver around 375W. Also see 3 DVI ports and what looks like a mini HDMI, but it's difficult to be certain from this angle. Well, really excited to see this go head to head with the HD6990 next month, can't wait to see the benchmarks.
  • alidan
    if i ran a tech store, i would sell these with a fire extinguisher just for the lols

    that said, amd and nvidia need to put out more dual core chipsets, so long as the dual core out preforms the best single core, it warrants production. i dont have the ability to go dual cards, due to motherboard constraints, and my unwillingness to dick around with drivers and get it to work right.
  • nforce4max
    Forget fire extinguisher get a hailene gas fire extinguishing system that fills the whole room full of gas that removes the oxygen that fuels the fire.
  • PudgyChicken
    IMO the 590 will perform better however consume more power than the 6990, however both will have approximately the same heat output. The 6990 will probably be around $700, the 590 $800. Just guestimates here, but reasonable ones at that.
  • blibba
    How on earth are they keeping this to 375W? Is it running at 500mhz?

    For sure aftermarket overclocker orientated cards are going to need extra connectors. That said, with fully fledged cores, overclocking potential for those with the cooling and power to feed it should be beastly.
  • fonzy
    We need games that take advantage of graphics cards from like 3 years ago... never mind today.