VIDEO: MSI Prepping 24-inch 3D AIO PC

Tweak Town  reports that it recently visited MSI headquarters after the Computex 2010 pre-show press conference to take a peek at new and upcoming devices in the "mobile space." Although the company was showcasing new notebooks and all-in-one (AIO) systems, one particular model caught TT's eye: an unnamed 24-inch 3D AIO system.

The site reports that the compact rig will come with a Full HD display manufactured by Chi Mei, measuring 23.6-inches, packing a 120 Hz refresh rate, and support for multi-touch technology. The rig also sports an ATI Radeon HD 5730 which will power the 3D technology-- one set of active shutter glasses will be included as well.

Other system specs included 4 GB of DDR3 memory and a huge 1TB SATA2 hard drive. TT said that MSI hasn't settled on a CPU, however the candidates were Intel's i5 and i7 processors. To round out the package, this 3D AIO will come installed with Windows 7 Home Premium which will help run the multi-touch technology. Four USB ports, one HDMI, an ethernet jack and more are located on the back.

Currently there's no set release date or pricing on this 3D AIO system, however TT's video said that the rig will appear in July 2010. Check it out in the clip below!

  • builderbobftw
    OR you could build it you'reself, and do uit right, in normal 2d.
  • thackstonns
    I am so tired of hearing about 3d.
  • warmon6
    thackstonnsI am so tired of hearing about 3d.If your tired of hearing it, then why did you click on the link in the first place?
  • shadow187
    3d + ATI? Chalk one up for red.
  • dilbert
    I see too much glare on that screen to be enjoyable.
  • zoemayne
    dont buy it any failures and it probably requires the manu to repair
  • carlhenry
    thackstonnsI am so tired of hearing about 3d.
    well you shouldn't be listening to it in the first place. you should be viewing 3d to appreciate. duh!
  • Chris_TC
    My next upgrade was going to be from the 24" to a 30". Now I'll just wait for a 3D 30". That should be fun.
  • theuerkorn
    What's interesting is the glossy screen really looking terrible in bright light (you can clearly see the people standing in front of it). Yet, it seems to be the right thing to do ... or is it?