Point of View Launches the GTX 780 Ammo and Mag Edition

Point of View has launched two new variants of the GeForce GTX 780 graphics card that feature factory overclocks and Nvidia’s reference cooler design. The Trooper Ammo Edition features a base and boost clock of 920 MHz and 941 MHz, while the Trooper Mag Edition further increases the clock rate to 941 MHz and 980 MHz, respectively.

Point of View has also announced that they intend to further expand their range of Trooper graphics cards in the near future with versions equipped with aftermarket coolers.

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  • flowingbass
  • howee
    Overclock a reference card and call it a day. I hate when companies cannot even bother to launch models with non ref coolers on it.
  • cats_Paw
    Just go with the cheapest reference design and then deside waht cooler you want. Companies that sell GPUs rearly make good coolers if you compare them to companies that focus on coolers alone (not to mention you get the chance to water cool :D).