AMD Finally Releases GPUs for AIO Desktops

Although AMD hasn't provided an official announcement, Xbit Labs noticed that the company has "quietly" launched its DirectX 11-compatible AMD Radeon HD 6000A series of GPUs designed specifically for All-In-One (AIO) desktops. This new series includes the 800 MHz AMD Radeon HD 6670A, the 800 MHz 6650A, the 650 MHz 6550A and the 625 to 750 MHz 6450A.

"AMD Radeon HD 6000A Series graphics allows you to experience immersive entertainment, gives you the power you need while being energy efficient and gets you the performance you expect with the ability to accelerate the latest games and applications," the company states on the product page.

The 6670A, 6650A and 6550A models are based on the "Turks" GPU and features 480 stream processors, 24 texture units and 8/32 color/z render operating units. The 6450A model is based on the "Caicos" GPU and features 160 stream processors, 8 texture units and 4/16 color/z render operating units. All four should provide similar performance to appropriate add-in desktop cards.

"Depending on the form-factor of the target product, ASICs are defined and qualified differently, thus the use of an A or M at the end of the series number to distinguish an All-in-One (A) or mobile (M) part from that of a desktop part," AMD spokesman Dave Erskine told Xbit Labs. "OEMs immediately know that a part designated as AMD Radeon HD 6000A has been validated and specified for the unique needs of All-in-One designs, including thermals, power requirements, and feature support."

Lenovo's ThinkCentre Edge 91z actually shipped with an optional AMD Radeon HD 6650A GPU (with 1 GB) back in May. Marketed as one of the thinnest AIOs, measuring just 2.5 inches, it comes equipped with up to Intel i7 Quad Core processors (depending on your budget), a 21.5-inch glossy HD screen, up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory, and a choice of a 80 GB SSD or a 1 TB HDD.

"As many companies turn to all-in-one (AIO) desktops to creatively furnish space-constrained offices, we’ve expanded our line of business AIOs to meet their personalized needs," said Tom Shell, vice president, Worldwide ThinkCentre Marketing, Lenovo. "The new ThinkCentre Edge 91z AIO elevates computing for small-to-medium businesses with an unmatched combination of style and substance, outpacing other PCs in performance, fast boot up, serviceability and price."

  • acadia11
    How about they do me a favor and release BullDozer.
  • bustapr
    acadia11How about they do me a favor and release BullDozer.theyve been saying for a long time now that bulldozer would be coming out in late september, so chill.
  • darkside_gamer7
    I waiting on bulldozer and ivy bridge...I wld like to see amd bring a warhorse to the show instead of a sprint pony...I like amd but I wld love for them to give intel a good run...:)...amd is performance and money value in one but intel is still miles ahead even w prev generations...idk...just wld like amd to compete as much w processors as they do with high end graphics...but that b another topic all together
  • tacoslave
    bustaprtheyve been saying for a long time now that bulldozer would be coming out in late september, so chill.In the beginning Amd said bulldozer would come out in june didnt happen, then july didnt happen, then august didnt happen, and now september. Lets wait and see. Im still waiting for bulldozer and for now i got a feeling that they want to launch Bulldozer with the 7000 series of gpus.
  • mortsmi7
    They're not really hyping bulldozer, makes me wonder if it's fail.
  • joytech22
    I like how the comments have become about Bulldozer and are in almost no way related to the article.

    Since we are on that subject then..

    I assume Bulldozer will at LEAST perform similarly to Intel's Gulftown architecture, if not they are looking towards parallel processing instead of raw performance per core.

    I remember reading an article last year about how they expect per-core performance to be around 12% better than Phenom cores which is actually pretty good.

    BUT, Considering Bulldozer uses "Modules", were they referring to a 12% increase in performance per module, or per core sitting on those modules?

    Since Bulldozer will have a plentiful amount of cores either way, I'm hoping that each thread provided by the CPU's modules performs at least on-par with Gulftown. If they manage to bring it up to Sandy Bridge's level then that would be fantastic.
  • cronik93
    otacon72Bulldozer is already a generation behind...
    People like you need to go elsewhere with ignorant comments like that.
  • Any chance someone(zotac) puts out a mini itx motherboard with one of these integrated? They have a MB with a nvidia 430 on it, I just like AMD better than nvidia.
  • alikum
    otacon72Bulldozer is already a generation behind...What generation? Because they have a slightly longer product lifecycle means they are a generation behind? Just because you (or your wife) give birth and have 1 more kid than me and I'm a generation behind you?
  • jryan388
    Speaking of AMD releases, does anyone know when Radeon 7xxx is supposed to be released?