XFX, Gigabyte, HIS Also Roll Out Radeon HD 7990 Cards

Earlier we informed you that AMD released its HD 7990 part and was among the first five manufacturers to release their cards. Now, three more manufacturers have joined in the speed race, among which are Gigabyte, HIS and XFX.

They all feature two 28 nm Tahiti chips that are based on the GCN architecture, running at a base clock speed of 950 MHz with a boost speed of 1,000 MHz. In total, the cards each have 4096 stream processors, 256 Texture Mapping Units (TMUs), and 64 Render Output Units (ROPs). Each of the GPUs has 3 GB of GDDR5 memory dedicated to it, bringing the total memory on the 7990's PCBs to 6 GB. The memory runs at 6 GHz, which goes over a 384-bit memory interface.

All of the cards also come with the following eight games bundled:

  • Tomb Raider (Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix)
  • Hitman: Absolution (IO Interactive/Square Enix)
  • Sleeping Dogs (Square Enix)
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Eidos/Square Enix)
  • Crysis 3 (Crytek/EA)
  • Far Cry 3 (Ubisoft)
  • Far Cry: Blood Dragon (Ubisoft)
  • BioShock Infinite (Irrational Games/2K)

Again, all of these cards are exact rollouts of the reference specifications. Hopefully, it won't be a long wait for custom cards to come out.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • JJ1217
    XFX should really stop naming cards. triple dissipation? Come on, if you're gonna make crappy low quality cards (You can't deny that they have massive QC issues) at least don't give it a corny name.
  • spp85
    XFX is the WORST company ever. Cheap quality, poor cooling and poor customer support what else. XFX lost the reputation being the best quality graphics card manufacture to worst manufacture. What happened to them with in a few years ??
  • spentshells
    spp85 I'm not sure but I know what you mean, as a brand they are now cheesy,
    powercolor is more legit than them now....
  • Onus
    Re XFX: Speaking of the DD editions (I've never owned a "Core" model), I like the construction quality, and the materials, like aluminum shrouds instead of cheap plastic. Up to the HD7870 stay relatively quiet too. I haven't yet had one die, and recently sold a HD5770 that was probably at least 3 years old.
    Then I got a HD7970. Oops. Noisy fans (including some rattling), very hot-running, and WORST, unresponsive support. The latter in particular is why I got a RMA on it, and will be replacing it with a Gigabyte. While not on my "Do Not Buy" list (it takes outright incompetence, e.g. Diamond, or dishonesty, e.g. CM, to make that list), they will no longer be one of my preferred vendors until I've become aware that their support has improved.
  • spentshells
    Onus I agree. I had the 5770 egg cooler with the double lifetime warranty and it was quite nice actually. This may be incorrect but I feel there was a really big change once they dropped the double lifetime warranty completely. It's almost like they do not care at all anymore.
  • Unolocogringo
    Pine Technologies changed their card name to XFX. They were the worst producer of cards ever.
  • TheMadFapper
    For the people complaining about XFX in this instance....umm...why the f*$k does it matter? It's all the same card. There's no reason to care one way or another. I would go with Asus, Gigabyte, or MSI as I've dealt with their customer service flawlessly.
  • shadowfamicom
    I actually have never had a problem with XFX cards (atleast on the Nvidia side). My 7950 GT, 9800GTX+, 280 GTX and 295 GTX are still running just fine. Hell I had a problem with my 7950 GT back in 2006 when I my computer got stuck on post overnight (hit restart instead of shutdown the night before) and the whole computer heated up massively. The fan on the 7950 GT half melted off... but still spun and still works. Never used an XFX AMD card though.
  • rolli59
    Since people are negative on XFX here, I will have to say that I have currently 4 cards from them all with lifetime warranty and no issues. Their warranty works as well since when my sons HD4890 cooling fan failed (after almost 3 years) they replaced the card with HD6850.
  • jn77
    I remember when flagship cards were $499 and more people could afford them with out going nuts...
    I can't see spending $999+ for a flagship video card.