CES 2010: AMD and Eyefinity6

Eyefinity from AMD allows three monitors to run off of one Radeon 5000 series graphics card. Now, AMD has doubled the the numbers of monitors with Eyefinity6. Al you need for Eyefinity6 is one of the yet to be released 5000 series cards (the series is obviously available but Eyefinity6 isnt supported on existing cards yet), and of course the money to buy six compatible monitors.

In the above picture, Eyefinity is running on six Samsung ultra-thin bezel MD230 monitors. The total monitor setup goes for about $3100 (or $1900 for three).

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  • ktasley
    I am so jealous!
  • Bolbi
    What yet-to-be-released 5000 series cards? The only "higher" card left would be the 5990. It would be weird if a yet-to-be-released lower card, e.g., 5650, supported Eyefinity6 while an already-released higher model (like 5870) didn't.
  • ktasley
    But will one card be able to give you the fps you want on 6, let alone 3 displays?
  • anamaniac
    Well, I'm paying about $200 after taxes/enviromental fees whenever I buy a Samsung 2343.
    Sure, its bezel isn't as this, but hey, it's thin enough.

    First off, my 3 monitor setup is going to be 9/16 x3 (all in portrait mode).
    I should be getting my 5770 this week.
    Now just give us EyeInfinity over Crossfire already! ($100 for a adaptor? WTF! I'm also told it has quality comparable to VGA, which I refuse to use at any resolution beyond 1280x1024.)
    What ever happened to the supposed bezel free monitors Samsung?
    Do you really think having half the bezel makes these monitors worth $633/517 (triple/sexa setup) each? Better be some damned nice SPVA's then...
  • IzzyCraft
    Ultra thin bezel my ass to me i still rather get 1 large monitor then 6 pasted together
  • logitic
    Monitor companies really need to start research on borderless monitors!
  • jn77
    Ok, this is really beginning to bug me.. I have 3 24inch lcds, and I will pick up 3 more (maybe), and the monitors I have already have display port on them...

    SO, the "BIG" question is, where are the 6 display port 5000 series cards? maybe in 2019......... We have seen the pictures of them, yet none in the retail channels...
  • "Eyefinity from AMD allows three monitors to run on one 5000 series Radeon card."

    Monitors run on videocards? ;)
  • schmich
    What lies behind the Bezel making it irremovable anyways?
  • ptroen
    Um. I don't get this. Isn't this starting to be excessive? Honestly. I mean a couple years ago I had 4 moniters but then I realized when you get bigger monitors you have more desktop real estate and hence you really could use LESS moniters. So now I'm back down to 2. I mean for certain business applications sure maybe 4-6 moniters but from a usability perspective your going to have a difficult time viewing all six moniters at the same time.

    I mean if you back away then you wouldn't see the detail of each indiviual pixel either. And this is not just AMD that does this either NVIDIA and matrox are doing this as well. Why do we need more then 3? Couldn't we just got two cards for this? Yes the PC bandwidth could be excessive but geez this is alot of desktop real estate....