Report: AMD Richland APUs Will Hit Shelves March 19th

AMD has announced that it will be releasing 6 versions of their Richland APU on March 19th 2013 with ULV variants expected to arrive in May Richland’s specifications can be viewed at the following link. The Kaveri APU will feature Steamroller based cores paired with an iGPU derived from the GCN architecture.

Also announced was the highly anticipated 28nm Kabini SoC which will be released in 2013 with the E-series in May, followed by the X-Series towards the end of Q2 2013.

Finally, the 2nd Generation of Piledriver based CPUs will be on store shelves in May and will feature increased clock speeds that will result in small IPC improvements.

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  • mikenygmail
    Awesome, go AMD! :)
  • outlw6669
    Objection withdrawn; article corrected now :)

    Keep up the good work AMD!
  • de5_Roy
    very smart, amd.
    you wait for tomshardware to finish and publish the latest sub $200 gaming cpu roundup so that they can't include richland apus in gaming cpu benches. very smart! :whistle:
    too bad xbitlabs and techreport are gonna go ape!@#$ on you at launch!!!! XD

    incidentally, obr gets 'low confidence' rating by my web filter. :ange:

    edit: almost forgot why i posted in the first place: dear amd, any chance of finally making the ever-elusive athlon ii x4 750/751k(or any trinity-based athlon) cpus available worldwide, ever? thanks.