AMD Releases Radeon HD 8970M Mobile GPU

Today, AMD has officially announced the arrival of the Radeon HD 8900M Series mobile graphics cards. The new chip that AMD is releasing is the Radeon HD 8970M GPU.

The Radeon HD 8970M GPU will feature 1280 stream processors, 80 TMUs, 128 Z/Stencil ROPs, and 32 Color ROPs. The GPU will have a base clock speed of 850 MHz, with a Boost speed of 900 MHz. The card will pack 2 GB of GDDR5 memory that runs at an effective speed of 4.8 GHz over a 256-bit memory interface. The HD 8970M is simply a rebrand of the original HD 7970M. The only difference appears to be the added Boost technology, which brings the maximum stock clock speed up to 900 MHz. Regardless, the card's single precision compute power has gone up to 2304 GFlops.

Regarding the performance, AMD boasts a handful of numbers compared to the GTX 680M. For instance, Tomb Raider with TressFX off runs 54 percent faster, Bioshock Infinite runs 42 percent faster, Crysis 3 runs 12 percent faster, and 3DMark FireStrike scores 21 percent higher.

Tagging along with the release is MSI's GX70 gaming notebook. The notebook features an A10-series quad-core CPU, the HD 8970M discrete graphics card, Killer networking, and a 17" FullHD anti-glare LCD panel. It even supports Eyefinity. There is no official word on precise availability, but pricing for the GX70 notebook is expected to be around €1250.

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  • Cryio
    Best laptop for a future college freshman.
  • laststop311
    Whatever you do avoid mobile radeon cards at all costs. The Radeon mobile drivers are utterly inferior to geforce drivers. You will save yourself atleast 2 or 3 major headaches by going with geforce chips.
  • beoza
    laststop311 I have no idea what you're talking about by 2 or 3 major headaches with Mobile Radeon Graphics. I've never had any problems with mine nor has any of my family members or friends who own laptops with Radeons in them. Only issues I know of are certain manufacturers like Toshiba and Sony using custom drivers so you cant use the driver from AMD. Yes Nvidia drivers are more polished, but AMD drivers improve with each release.