Acer Dual Screen Laptop Priced at €1500 in Spain

Of course, looking at a device that packs two 14-inch multitouch displays and a Core i5 CPU, you know it's going to be expensive.  However, considering there isn't really anything like the Iconia already available, it was a case of 'your guess is as good as ours' when it came to estimating a price tag for the Iconia.

Thanks to a spokesperson from Acer Spain, we know a little more about how much the company is going to be charging for the device. The Iconia will supposedly hit Spanish retailers on January 28 with a €1,499 ($1,984 at time of writing) price tag.

Of course, it's unlikely that Acer will charge U.S. customers the equivalent amount in dollars (it's also likely UK customers will get robbed), but we wouldn't be surprised if the company just swapped out the euro sign for a dollar sign for the North American market and charged us $1,499 here too. Time will tell, I guess.

  • NuclearShadow
    I just can't wrap it around my head what the practical use of this will be.
    A desktop I can understand some of us actually need multiple monitors.
    But what Acer seems to be doing with this laptop is simply trying to be pointlessly different to make appeal to the product.
  • kencolestud69
    Looks awesome but I wonder if it has tactile or haptic feedback when you press the keys?
  • fstrthnu
    :P I guess one shouldn't expect this kind of thing to be cheap, but then again people aren't really going to want to experiment with a $2000 pricetag...
  • sacre
    what if you get upset and slightly hit your "keyboard".... would it shatter?
  • mdillenbeck
    Hmmm... preparing for future users by allowing for a swype-styled keyboard perhaps? I guess as long as you can program a custom interface, this could be cool. I would love not to have to memorize hot keys but instead place custom icons there instead, just like they did with cash registers at the fast food places. ;)
  • renixis_infinity
    Awesome but Impractical on my opinion
    The concept is awesome but the price tag and its use is impractical

    IT's cool to read webpages with two screens but a simple scroll up/down can match it.

    Although, it misses a stylus pen :P
  • squanto
    Two things:

    1. My house is full of code monkey's so I am sure they wouldn't approve. (lack of tacktile feed back);

    2. It's Acer
  • Camikazi
    sacrewhat if you get upset and slightly hit your "keyboard".... would it shatter?I sure hope they thought about this, I have banged on my keyboard many times cause of frustration at certain games. It could turn out real bad if this keyboard would easily shatter cause of something like that.
  • razor512
    I think the main benefit is you get to have a digital keyboard that lacks tactile feedback so not only do you type slower, you now have a fragile typing surface that uses a ton of power and will soon be filled with finger prints and smudges.
  • K-zon
    I think is awesome some. I'd like to find some way to get one and see the specs, drive, ram and etc. Non-wireless would be nice.