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Sleeper Hit Magicka Sells 30,000 in 24 Hours

Paradox Interactive said on Wednesday that its just-released action-adventure PC game Magicka had sold over 30,000 units across all digital download platforms in less than twenty-four hours. Currently it's the #1 bestselling game on Valve Software's Steam service.

Paradox's new low-profile PC game seemed to come out of nowhere, with players taking to forums and Twitter to spread the word about the humorous-yet-addicting gameplay immediately after its initial launch on Tuesday.

"The reception for Magicka has been better than we dared to hope, watching the numerous YouTube clips of gamers and editors worldwide laughing themselves senseless as they misfire spells left and right as well as the comments on twitter and forums show us people really get the humor and the idea behind Magicka." said Shams Jorjani, Producer at Paradox Interactive.

The sudden sensation can be blamed on Magicka's slapstick approach to spell casting and its cliched fantasy world full of parodies and satire. Thus, spell casting can result in comical misfires and failures or produce unpredictable results that seemingly have gamers rolling on the floor.

Outside the comical aspect, the official features include thousands of possible combinations, up to four-player co-op in all game modes, a single-player option, thirteen different levels in the campaign, an expansive realm, achievements and more.

"Singleplayer and LAN is what most people are currently playing but updating the multiplayer lobby and continuously improving the game is our top priority," he added.

Magicka is currently selling for $9.99 over on Steam. Gamers can get a taste of the new hit PC game by checking out the demo here.