Nvidia Giving Away Two Gaming Notebooks

Over on the GeForce website, Nvidia is offering community members and loyal patrons a chance to win an Alienware M18x gaming laptop. One will be given out to the Grand Prize Winner in October, and one in November. Five Second Prize Winners will receive a Swirl 3D T-Shirt from Nvidia... not a GeForce card or a bundle of Android games for your Tegra 2 smartphone ot tablet, but a T-Shirt.

The Alienware M18x (opens in new tab) is a Dell gaming laptop with a starting price of $1999.99. And, like the typical Dell setup, customers can pick and choose from a list of hardware options to meet their needs or budget. In this case, the laptop offers up the Intel Core i7 processor ranging from the 2.2 GHz 2670QM to the 2.7 GHz 2960XM, 4 GB to 32 GB of DDR3 memory, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 560M in single or SLI configurations, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580M GPUs in SLI, and even AMD's Radeon HD 6990M GPUs in CrossFireX.

"Get desktop performance in a laptop-sized package. It’s the ultimate unfair advantage: the Alienware M18x laptop delivers the power you need to obliterate anyone or anything that stands in your way," Nvidia said. "Crank up your in-game settings (AA/AF/Shadows) to experience every single aspect of the game without sacrificing performance."

To enter into the Alienware M18x laptop giveaway, head here -- entries must be received by October 23, 2011. Didn't win this month? Nvidia will give another M18x away next month. As with any contest, void where prohibited by law, and you must be 18 or older to enter. The official rules can be accessed here (opens in new tab).

  • nukem950
    Seems interesting. Little confused how customisable it is. Looked up the rules and found:

    "Total prize value under $4500"

    So not sure it one could really customise all that much with that price limit being set in the rules.

    Of course, dell is being dumb and charging $400 to go from 4gb to 16gb (4 dimms). I could go to the major online retailers (the ones I see ads on this website for) and pick up dual channel 16gb (4 dimms) for $110+.

    Anyways they are kind of being stingy with their runner up price.
  • Dan2013
    Want soo much, and I need it too. 1st gen core i3 graphics don't do so well with even light gaming. XD
  • molo9000
    What's the point of a 18.4" laptop that weights 5.5kg?
    Might as well buy a desktop.
  • joytech22
    molo9000What's the point of a 18.4" laptop that weights 5.5kg?Might as well buy a desktop.
    More like a desktop replacement, much easier to move around than a desktop, screen, keyboard etc..
  • NuclearShadow
    If I win it I will build a alter for to worship it.
  • dj1001
    if I won I'd sell it without opening it to fund an awesome desktop build.
    I already have an adequate gaming laptop in my GE620Dx.
  • xyster
    I'd keep it; not sell it.

    My current notebook isn't really fast enough to play much more than 5-year old games and a desktop is a fairly anti-social gaming platform in comparison. Plus, I could also use an extra space heater this winter....
  • CaedenV
    joytech22More like a desktop replacement, much easier to move around than a desktop, screen, keyboard etc..ie, it is more easily stolen than a desktop.
  • jamie_1318
    Overpriced Alienware stuff like always. wouldn't mind winning one though. Kinda need a new laptop. Rather one that prioritized battery life and weight (like they should be) though.
  • thesnappyfingers
    I would sell it for 90% cost, and then pay the taxes.