Alienware Relaunches Flagship ALX Desktop With 4 GHz Quad-core Processor


Miami (FL) - Given Dell’s recent product launches in the high-performance desktop PC segment, Alienware may be in the midst of an identity crisis, as Dell’s house brand was matching almost all specs of Alienware’s high-end computers - for similar money. Dell is now relaunching its flagship system to restore the distance to the Dell XPS.

Looking at what Dell is offering in its XPS 730 H2C system, it is difficult for Alienware to find real differentiators besides its brand and some may even consider the upgrades rather cosmetic. The differences come down to an overclocked Core 2 Extreme QX9770 processor that runs at 4 GHz (200 MHz more than in the Dell), the option of Nvidia graphics chips (Dell only offers ATI), the option of a 2x64 GB SSD drives as well as an Ageia physics card and a network accelerator card.

In its base configuration, the QX9770 OC-equipped Alienware Area-51 ALX desktop is priced at $6119. Similarly equipped than the Dell XPS 730 H2C, which will require a few downgrades to about $5950, the system is actually about $100 cheaper than the XPS. If you tack on all the expensive options, especially a $500 premium for two Nvidia 9800GX2 cards, a $1400 2x64GB SSD configuration as well as a $350 Blu-ray drive, you will end up in the neighborhood of $9000 with the Alienware PC.

Over at Dell, you will stay below $8000, but you don’t get the Nvidia option, no SSDs, no accelerator cards and your CPU will run at 200 MHz less.

It looks like a right step into the right direction to us, but somehow we believe that Alienware will need to add more goodies to its PCs to make the differences between an XPS and an ALX much more visible.

  • " Dell is now relaunching its flagship system to restore the distance to the Dell XPS."
  • chise1
    What other types of hardware/goodies could alienware add?
  • draxssab
    I always considered that the main advantage of an Alienware PC is only cosmetic. As just the name and logo are pretty cool ;P. But did it really worth the price asked?
  • draxssab
    Sorry for the double post... but in answer to chise1, i think they could add unique upgrades, like lcd touchscreen displays in the front of the tower, special fan (or pump for LCS) controlers, and thing like this to expend their "Futuristic and space" main theme. I think this should be good, as their products are already mainly for people that have big money to spend on their PC.
  • waffle911
    I find it cool already that the system lighting can be changed directly from the OS to suit your mood, not to mention that the system lighting can change colors to begin with.
    Plus, liquid cooling and sound-dampening are always welcome.
    Maybe they could figure out how to put in a side window and not have it look like every other gaming tower built some guy's basement. Like a steel mesh over acrylic window, then streamline the interior and make it look truly alien-cyborg esque.

    Then limit the Dell XPS to air-cooling only. That will make it louder, it will restrict performance potential of components, and will give incentive to pony up for Alienware products instead.
  • cknobman
    Alienware is/was/always will be a joke when you consider the value for what your getting. Overpriced beyond a shadow of a doubt compared to what you can build yourself.
  • humalong
    lol knobman

    very true man, and with the $5000 you save, you can buy your girlfriend/wife a diamond ring so she doesnt bother you while your gaming. :P
  • Atticum
    a temporary fix at best, humalong.
  • TerminatorXT
    Those were at EOL (End of Life) Before they launched

    A GTX 200 series card would be muchly appreciated