Apple Adds a VESA-Wallmount to the iMac

Apple has released a new version of its iMac, which would ship without the swivel foot we're used to seeing, but instead come with the tools needed to mount the unit to a wall with an arm or flatmount. All the mounting is done with the VESA standard, so users will be able to use other wall-mounts if they choose to do so.

Ordering the iMac with the built in VESA mount adapter will set buyers back $40 above the standard retail price along with a swivel foot. Due to the way that the swivel foot is attached to the standard iMac we can also safely assume that the VESA mount kit cannot be installed on existing iMacs and hence the iMac with the built in adapter will cost $10 more than the adapter by itself. Moreover, this means that users will not be able to switch between a swivel foot and a VESA mount without buying a new iMac. 

Directly from Apple buyers can order the Bretfort MobilePro Desk Mount for $179.95, the Bretfort MobilePro Wall Mount for $139.95, or the Bretfort MobilePro Desk Mount Combo for $239.95.

The iMacs with the built in VESA mount are currently for sale directly from Apple.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • edogawa
    Did you say VESA mount? I heard apples lawyers screaming patent!
  • Look at hose rounded edges! It must of been patented :p
  • *those* damn keyboard
  • esrever
    Took them this long?
  • del35
    Brilliant innovation.... Give me a break! Go get a break morons.
  • ddpruitt
    Apple adds VESA mount
    Apple patents VESA mount
    Apple sues Samsung for a million trillion dollars
    Apple claims VESA mount is obsolete
    Apple removes VESA mount
    Apple hailed as visionary
  • DarkSable
    Wait, WHAT? Apple using a standard of any form?

    I don't see any flying pigs, but then... it is night. We need to paint them day-glow colors.
  • slomjh2
    Older iMacs had the option of mounting a VESA adapter plate, which would give you the ability to use any VESA standard mounting. I have one set up for my daughter with a 27" iMac she got in December of 2011.
  • apple_maggot
    Why is this necessary? I thought all Apple devices just floated in the air...
  • Cons29
    they will sue whoever builds those vesa mount.