Rumor: AMD Baking Radeon HD 7790 on Bonaire XT GPU

As stated in our earlier clarification of AMD's 2013 Radeon plans, AMD will be releasing the HD 7790 graphics card in April to bridge the gap between the HD 7770 and HD 7850. Fudzilla further stated that the card would surprisingly be based on the Bonaire XT GPU and therefore be the first AMD GPU to be based on the GCN 2.0 architecture that is expected to power the upcoming HD 8000 series of graphics cards.

Fudzilla also indicated that the HD 7790 will be a very impressive performer, so much so that AMD has apparently asked manufacturers not to release overclocked versions of the card for fear of it surpassing and consequently crippling sales of the HD 7850. This implies that the Bonaire XT GPU holds a lot of potential for overclocking, something that we are always exited to see.

The HD 7790 isn't expected to make an appearance at CeBIT next month, but the company does plan to show off some of its other products to keep customers and shareholders happy.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • Soda-88
    What are they going to do, ship them without fans to prevent users from overclocking?
  • stickmansam
    Hmm it makes sense to fill in this gap as from 7970 down to 7750 every card is separated by 256 shaders

    The original 7770 should have come out around 768 shaders like that engineering sample a while back

    Good thing my 7850 is a great overclocker too :)
  • Novuake
    AMD what are you doing???
  • icemunk
    Nice, hopefully they price it just right too. $130 would be reasonable I think.
  • Memnarchon
    At last, a competitor for GTX650ti. More competition for them (AMD n Nvidia), less prices for us :D.
  • abbadon_34
    Sorta of odd, why release it if they have these concerns, especially in the midrange segment? Eh, rumors rumors.
  • tomfreak
    a 192bit 24ROP Pitcrain sold as 7830 would do the trick to pit against the lousy 650ti. Why would they want to bother a new chip?

    Worst of all they would gladly rename/rebrand OEM into HD 8000, but putting a GCN 2.0 as HD7000? I say this is some rumor as fake!
  • faster23rd
    Ha! I was vouching for this in a thread a while back. Anyway, I hope AMD executes this well enough. :)
  • revo_ever_guys
    Why AMD just release this chip as HD8000 series? Are the HD7k series too good to ditch already???
  • excella1221
    ^ In a sense, yes?

    On-topic: I hope this is true, the performance gap between the 7770 and the 7850 is quite relative.

    EDIT: I think people are misunderstanding the OC thing - From how I understand it, AMD is just asking manufacturers not to make any factory OC'd 7790; consumers are still of course entitled to OC their cards as much as they want.